Online Fitness + Nutrition Program

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Online Fitness + Nutrition Program

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The Online GYM Program are for those who are inexperienced (new to working out) and experienced (you perform cardio and strength training, use machines and weights).

The Online Home Program 

The Online HOME Program are for those who are inexperienced (new to working out) and experienced (you perform cardio and strength training and know proper form and technique).

The Home Program will require you to have the following tools:

  • Yoga Mat

  • 5-10 lb Dumbbells

  • Resistance Bands

  • Stability Ball

  • Jump Rope

You will be given access to the mobile app to receive your workouts that come with a video tutorial and description of body parts being worked. In addition, you will receive 30 minute bi-weekly check-ins with your coach to discuss progress and make the necessary adjustments to your program to keep you on track. You also have the capability of direct messaging your coach through the app for ease of communication.

The Nutritional Coaching Program you will be educated how to Change Your Relationship with Food without Deprivation using my K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) Method. This is NOT a diet. This is learning how to eat for your goals and having what you want in moderation. You will learn how to read food labels, portion control, dining out, and much more. You will learn how to prepare healthy simple recipes that are under 45 minutes. You will be provided with tools and resources to assist you in making healthier choices. 

This is not going to be easy in the beginning, but over time you will learn to form healthy habits through structure, consistency, trusting the process, and guidance from your coach. You will be equipped to live a happier healthier lifestyle for longevity. 

The program will be designed to meet your specific needs and goals in order to Shape Shift

Online Fitness + Nutrition:
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Upon completion of your Fitness + Nutrition Intake Form, please allow three business days (not including weekends) for your customized program to be created. You will then receive a link to have our 60 minute strategy call to go over your program in full detail and implement structure back into your life by creating healthy habits that are sustainable for longevity.