CORElation...What it takes to get a "snatched waist"

CORElation...What it takes to get a "snatched waist"


The core is the only muscle system in the body that we train for compactness, rather than for volume.

As you train your core, the ultimate goal is not only to have a tightened and toned midsection, but also to attain a functionally sound core that can rotate, contract, and support your in any direction of movement.

Core training is an insurance policy for keeping the body performing at peak levels.

This 20 page guide will provide the tools you need to implement in order to obtain a strong and lean core. You will learn the difference between core and abs, a sample day of eating, exercises with video demonstration, and other great information broken down in simplest terms for you to shape shift your core.

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I keep hearing women say they want a "snatched" waist. The truth is, it's not going to happen overnight as there is no "quick fix," but it can be done with strength training, cardio, and a healthy balanced nutrition. 

  • You will learn the difference between core and abs
  • You will learn about the two different types of fat
  • Why it's important to have a strong core and it's benefits
  • Exercises to perform with video demonstration and description
  • The foods to consume to help you shrink your core
  • Tools to eating out

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