Clients share their FITnatic LIFEstyle joruney.


It has always been a love/hate relationship I've had with healthy eating. I LOVED the results, but I also LOVED the tasty foods which were not very forgiving when it came to the scale. I HATED having to pass on those foods. I had always relied heavily on the fact that I felt I had a frame that could carry a few extra pounds. But then it started to become a problem, because age had set in. I could no longer easily drop 20 lbs because I wanted to. It just wasn't happening like that! I also was feeling this extra weight on my knees. I knew that I had to start taking my health seriously and not just for aesthetic reasons. I didn't want to be that person whose hip gave out walking down some stairs. That would not be me if I could help it!

I began to get serious about making a real change that would be life long. I had never been shy to working out and I knew that the real hurdle for me would be the nutrition. I began watching motivational videos and following vloggers and health and fitness people. One day I stumbled upon Gayna’s Fitnatic Lifestyle page on Facebook. I loved her mantra “Healing From the Inside Out” because I felt like if I could get my mindset together, I could truly make this journey life changing. I listened to her speak and it was as though she was speaking directly to me. This person was relatable, honest, and genuine. I found out that she could virtually train me and I took the opportunity! Mind you, I've never ever done anything like this before. This risk would prove to be a great decision and one that I would not regret.

I decided to invest in her personal training services because I felt I needed accountability and extra motivation when it came to nutrition. I also wanted to change up my exercise routine in hopes that I could see some changes in the shape of my body. By the end of the 8 weeks, I definitely saw changes in my body that I had never experienced before. That was great! My friends and family could see the changes and it was nice that people noticed. But to be honest, the changes I was really working on were not ones you would see. My goals were more about challenging myself to change my mindset and to not quit on myself. So many times before I had lacked having follow through.

What I like and appreciate about Gayna is that she does not sugarcoat things and will tell you what needs to be said. That has been very helpful to me. After all, if someone tells you everything you want to hear than where and how will you improve? I did improve while training with Gayna. I learned about eating for my goals and focusing on macros rather than calories. I learned and did exercises I never thought I could do because I didn't even know they existed. I learned to reach out to others for help and also how to give help to others when they needed it. Most importantly, I learned to be the best me for me and to not give up.

If someone is ready to change themselves and wants some guidance, than Gayna and Fitnatic Lifestyle is the way to go! I not only would recommend her but have recommended her to many of my friends and family. She is honest and positive. She also knows what she is talking about. Her nutritional information really gave me a clear boundaries to focus on so that I could be successful. I have learned lessons that I will permanently have with me and that is priceless. My journey was made better having invested in myself. With Gayna’s help and expertise I truly feel that I am permanently on the path to living a happy and healthy life! Thank you.

- Liz J., Online Coaching Client, Indianapolis, IN

My name is Heymi Perea and I am 24 years old. I decided to invest in a personal trainer in January. The reason I wanted to invest in a personal trainer was because I was stuck at a plateau, I would not loose and luckily did not gain weight during winter. On August of 2016 I decided I wanted to lose weight due to most of my clothes not fitting anymore. I would just jog Buddy Attick Park located in Greenbelt, Maryland and lost 10lbs by November. I stopped jogging by Halloween because it was getting darker earlier, so during the winter I did not exercise much, but I did not want to gain the weight back so I decided to invest in personal trainer. Gayna offered me everything that I was looking for: 1. To still eat what I would want to eat but instead to use portions, 2. One-on-one training at her home (I feel claustrophobic at the gym) and 3. Flexibility. When I started, I was a bit afraid because I did not know up to what extent I would be able to do what she would ask for as far as exercises. But through time, I learned that I had to communicate to her when I was feeling dizzy or too much and we would rest. She taught me how to LISTEN to my body. I learned on how to portion out my food. I can still eat my rice and beans as long as I know how to portion it. I learned that at night I should only my proteins and vegetables because my food will not fully digest at night. Now that the weather has gotten better, I started jogging again and I finished my last session with Gayna on Saturday March 25, 2017.  She showed me by before and after pictures. With her help I have lost a total of 6lbs, can lift 10lb weight on each hand and my stamina has improved. I am currently going to continue to use my portion size cups she provided me with and continue to eat healthy. I have started jogging again and once fall is over, I am sure I will reach out to her to continue working out during the winter. Thank You so much Gayna!!!!

- Heymi Perea, Personal Coaching Client , Clinton, MD

For years, I battled with being unhappy with my weight and body shape.  I would workout and stop, work out and stop again. I had hundreds of excuses.  In June of 2015, I started following fitnaticlifestyle on Facebook.  OMG, her beginning photos reminded me of myself.  I decided, I was going to invest in myself and give her online program a try.  Although I was skeptical, I did it anyway.  In September 2015, I started my online training program.  It was easy answering the questionnaire but, submitting pictures of myself was HARD.  I didn't want to look at myself.  Fast forward,  I did what was asked of me.  Once again, my way wasn't working!  I knew I would have to put in some major work and change my mind set.  Look at me now!  Am I where I want to be?  NO.  I'm I making progress?  Look for yourself!  I will admit that I have good and bad days.  She is there for them all!  My journey with fitnaticlifestyle has been a blessing and yours could be too!  My advice to you is you have to be willing to 1.  Invest in yourself and your health.  2.  Be willing to be pushed outside your comfort zone.  3.  Willing to give it your all.  4.  Be consistent 5.  DUMP the excuses and 6.  Give it your all.  Nothing in life is easy and your health is worth fighting for.  What are you waiting for?

- Yushikau H., Online Coaching Client, Alabama

I found Gayna while looking at another fitness expert's page on Instagram.  The photo showed the two together in 2014 and then in 2015.  I was blown away by the transformation in that short period of time and wanted to learn more about her.   I found her page on Facebook and, as luck would have it, she was just starting to provide her services to those interested in personalized meal plans. 

A little about myself, I'm the 35 year old mother of a 3 year old and 9 month old. I work full-time and my husband is completing medical school.  Needless to say, it feels like there are never enough hours in the day and health wise I wasn't taking care of myself.  After finding Gayna's page I watched several of her videos and, like so many others have found to be true, I was totally inspired and motivated by her.  I realized that I spent so much time taking care of others and making sure superficially I looked presentable to the world, but my body was a mess and I needed to start actually taking care of myself.  I emailed her that day and started my personalized meal plan.  I am now an online client and am provided with a weekly meal plan and also a fitness plan tailored to MY goals.  That's so important.  She's not out to make everyone into some cookie cutter image.  She listens to you and works to meet YOUR goals. 

Since I signed with Gayna in May I've gone from 196 to a current weight of 179 and have dropped a dress size.  My eating habits have also improved tremendously.   I have a meal plan designed specifically for me (which still give me options), and not falling into the fad diet, instant fix plans that may be easy but not lasting.  A word of caution.  Do not go into this expecting spot reductions, quick fixes and "how do I lose my belly fat" solutions.  You will tone.  The weight will drop.  You will feel the difference.  But you will work for it.  And if you work for it, the results will not disappoint. 

From our first conversation to today, I've found Gayna to be a woman who is on her business.  She knows the subject, she's passionate, she 100% real and she holds you ACCOUNTABLE.  Finding and signing with Gayna is one of the best things I have done for myself.  My overall health and well-being is better than it has in many, many years.  I will be staying with her as long as she'll keep me!

- Brittney Knight, Online Coaching Client, Kentucky

I am 51 years old and have been training with Gayna of FITnatic LIFEstyle since January 2016. The most important thing to know is that my fitness journey is a lifelong process or like I like to say to my friends,” it is a marathon not a sprint”.  I am not quite where I want to be but I am working towards that goal.

I have learned and am still learning a lot about nutrition, weight training (to build muscle), cardio and stress. Gayna has brought me quite a ways since I started with her. I have much more endurance and I have gained and continue to gain lean muscle, which is not something that I have ever had. Along the way, there have been illness where I could not work out at all. The body needs time to rest when I am sick. Also, due to my plantar fasciitis, there have been quite a few times when I couldn’t work out standing up. But Gayna just modified my workouts and we spent time on my core or I lifted dumbbells while laying on my back. Where there is a will there is a way. Believe me when I say that Gayna can be very creative with our workouts LOL. She will literally make up a new exercise while we are working out, at times.

I still meal prep, which is the only way to hold myself accountable for what I eat. I look at my food as fuel for my body because you are what you eat. At this point my system is so used to being fed every 3-4 hours, that if I go 3.5 hours without a meal, my stomach lets me know and I feel like I don’t have much energy. There are times when meal prepping isn’t possible on Sundays/Mondays just due to life demands, etc. I am able to go out to eat and make smart, healthy choices until I can make time to meal prep for the rest of the week.  My biggest challenge right now as far as nutrition is concerned, is getting back to drinking 1 gallon of water a day. But I don’t beat myself up if I don’t hit the mark, I just do better the next day. If I can drink 100 oz, I am happy.

Mentally, my confidence is higher than when I started and that is due to how I feel about my body as time has passed. I am no longer hesitant to put on a bathing suit. I have dropped sizes in my pants and shorts, which is a great reason to shop J

As far as stress is concerned, I know from experience that stressful situations such as a job that you don’t like can work against you when it comes to training. At the end of November 2016, I began a new position and it has made all the difference in the world in my demeanor, and daily interactions. I am happier and everyone had noticed the difference in me. I try not to let anything stress me because I know that it will go against my progress.

Because of my limitation (plantar fasciitis), I am unable to run or walk for a long time therefore, I have to do HIIT with my exercises such as pushups, kettlebell combination or row machine and squats or any number of combinations that will get my heart rate up as if I have been running.

I will continue to strive towards my goals because I know that they are attainable and I can make it happen with Gayna as my coach.

- Angie W., Personal Coaching Client, Baltimore, MD