The question is, "are you ready to live a healthy lifestyle for longevity?"

The amount of effort you put towards your goal will determine how fast you achieve it. Your actions have to reflect your desired outcomes.

Working with me will require you to be honest, transparent, and vulnerable with me and yourself.  You will not compare your journey with anyone else's and understand it's marathon not a race. Your journey will come with setbacks and comebacks, it's a part of life because simply put, "life happens" and to all of us. No one is perfect. Rarely does someone travel the journey without obstacles along the way. So don't beat yourself up, this is why I am here for you. As long as the lines of communication are open, together we can make the necessary adjustments to your program. This is what separates me from other trainers/coaches, I CARE about you and have walked in your shoes.

I do not believe in or promote quick fixes (an easy remedy or solution). These quick "fixes" are temporary and fail to address the underlying problem. I will help guide you in  your journey; however you must be accountable, consistent, patient, dedicated, and honest with yourself. You must set realistic goals and take baby steps so they are attainable.

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I service the Washington Metropolitan Area (DC, MD, VA). Learn about my packages, fees and availability.

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Ready to move past the challenges that stand in the way of meeting your goals? 

Losing weight after 30 can be done if you apply these 5 TIPS.

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